Asia tours

Mention the word Asia, and the array of images that spring to mind are vast! Ancient Cultures, centuries of history, wonderful people, vibrant colours, stunning scenery and flavoursome food are just a few of the things that offer a challenge to each of the senses.

The most popular destinations from Australia are located in South East Asia: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Further afield India, Cambodia, Hong Kong, China, Japan and the Philippines are also visited regularly.

Why choose Asia?

Possibly the most popular reason is an inexpensive holiday, whether you choose to relax, shop or visit the local sights.

Local cuisine offers exotic tastes such as Satays and Nasi Goreng, Green curries, Singapore Noodles and Chilli Crabs. Perhaps you prefer raw fish, sushi and tempura in Japan, and of course of it is Sweet and Sour pork you are hankering for, then get yourself to China!

Shopping sales are famous in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, with each city promoting their great sales each year. For a bit of excitement and to keep the adrenalin pumping, a visit to the Formula One held each year in Malaysia in March or April and Singapore in September could be just the thing.

Prefer to be the one partaking in the action?

Perhaps a climb up Mt Kinabalu or trekking in the Himalayas is more your style.

For a really cool change, consider the Harbin Ice Festival held in January each year in North Eastern China.  Giant sculptures are carved from blocks of ice, and sculptures are limited only by the imagination. Combine a visit to the festival with a trip to Asia’s newest ski destination: Yabuli, north of Harbin.

Looking for a round of golf or simply want to flop and drop?

Talk to us and we can recommend the perfect destination for you in Asia, whether you are travelling on your own, looking for a romantic getaway, or just simply a great family holiday.

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