Best European tours

Europe Is a continent made up of 39 countries both large and small. The largest is Russia, which spans the continent of Europe across into Asia, and the smallest is the Vatican City. Europe offers so much diversity, whether in historical, cultural, artistic or natural form, not only from country to country but also within the bounds of just one country.

Some of the iconic places and experiences in Europe include the Eiffel Tower and Louvre in Paris, a gondola ride in Venice, Brandenburg gate in Berlin, red light district in Amsterdam, Buckingham Palace in London, cruising the Greek Islands, fjords in Norway and of course, skiing the Alps across the continent, or how about a visit to Santa Claus at the North Pole (Finland).

Gastronomically, you may enjoy a bicycle with basket, baguette, brie, bottle of wine and blanket for picnicking in Bordeaux; bangers and mash in an Olde English pub; olives and Chianti on the villa patio under a Tuscan sun, vodka and caviar in Moscow, Aquavit and berries in Finland or perhaps some wurst and a stein in Germany.

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