Are you planning to get married and wanting to do it all a little differently? Have you thought about somewhere away from home to enjoy that special day, perhaps a location down in the south west of Australia for instance, a winery near Margaret River or beautiful Albany? What about somewhere with a bit of exotic history such as Broome, or you may want to consider somewhere in Australia with a more romantic notion like and island on the Great Barrier Reef: Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Daydream Island, to name but a few.

Perhaps you are looking a little further afield such as Bali, Thailand, Fiji or Mauritius. We have been asked to source some more exotic venues such as “the top of a mountain with snow on it” for a summer wedding, the Tuscan region of Italy, Croatia, and even on an African Safari! No matter what appeals to you, come in and talk to us.

We have experienced, local assistants and wedding planners around the world, who know all the local customs and laws, and the formalities that are required to ensure that your wedding is legal under Australian law. They are able to arrange everything to meet with your requirements, from flowers to wedding cakes, cars or horse drawn carriages to the venue and catering, a photographer and / or videographer, leaving you free to make the choices to ensure that your special day is perfect where ever in the world you choose to celebrate it, without having to worry about the co-ordination of it all.

So, whether you prefer sun or snow, beach or mountain, a beautiful Italian Cathedral or a simple chapel, a priest or a celebrant, we welcome you to come in and talk to us about planning your wedding.


Planning your honeymoon is an important part of planning your whole wedding experience, and some time and consideration should be given to this. After all, this is the time when you will take your first holiday as a married couple. There are various theories on where the word honeymoon originates from,  but regardless of the theory you subscribe to, today’s honeymoon is the time spent together, enjoying each other’s company away from the everyday stresses and strains that life imposes. It is the time where you are as active or inactive as you choose to be, and honeymoons can be anything from a few days lazing under a tropical sky, strolling along the shore at sunset and warm nights enjoying each other’s company over a candlelit dinner, to a trek through the Amazon jungle, enjoying the challenges of nature. Time on a cruise ship may be more your style, or skiing your way through pristine slopes of virgin powder snow.Whatever your dream may be, we are able to help you plan the honeymoon of your dreams, to meet your budget and time constraints. We are able to offer you a Honeymoon Registry which may enhance your budget. Instead of giving undesired gifts to you, your family and friends are able to contribute to the cost of your honeymoon, enabling you to stay a little longer, go a little further or upgrade your choice of holiday.

Contact Karen Broadhurst, our wedding and honeymoon specialist, to plan a honeymoon to remember for the rest of your life.