Over the past few years cruising has undergone a massive change, from being typecast as for “the newly wed and the nearly dead” to one of the fastest growing holiday options that appeals to every age group and mindset.

The choice of cruise options is a varied as your imagination. There are small vessels which have been converted from fishing vessels and sail their local waters with 20 guests, through to massive purpose built ocean liners catering to 3000 guests or more and everything in between! Yachts, sailing vessels, ice breakers, river cruise ships, some designed specifically for families and those designed for lengthy voyages around the globe.

There are cruise ships that are destinations in themselves, offering every entertainment a family could desire: ice skating, rock climbing, golfing, surfing, water activities, tennis, shopping esplanades and a plethora of dining outlets, not to mention specialty coffee shops, bars, beauty salons and spas and state of the art gymnasiums with instructors to offer their assistance. What about an educational cruise with lecturers and experts to fill your mind on the archaeology and history of areas you are travelling about and the offerings in the ports of call.

Mouth watering dining on board, varies from buffet style restaurants, specialty cuisines, menus designed by famous chefs of the world to 10 course degustation menu accompanied by incredible wine selections. If the dining option can be found on land, it can be found at sea!

Cruising allows you to board the vessel, unpack your suitcase and enjoy your journey, whether for 3 days or 365 days! The ship is your accommodation, your transport and your dining venue. Enjoy the entertainment offerings on board while you travel from one destination to another at a gentle pace. On arrival at your port of call, disembark to explore the destination, returning later in the day to move along to the next stop, or you may choose to simply stay on board and enjoy the facilities of the ship. Relax around the pool or in the lounge, watching the world go by whilst enjoying a leisurely drink. Children are well catered for on board from age specific activities to babysitting, making this a perfect way to enjoy a holiday for all the family.

Adventure to luxury, Arctic Ocean to Antarctic Ocean and the oceans, seas and rivers in between, offer a variety of cruise options to suit every whim and budget. Contact us at Travel and Cruise Fundamentals for assistance with your next cruise holiday.

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