Bev and Charles Moffat, owners of Travel and Cruise Fundamentals, would love to share the beauty, culture and wildlife of Africa with you. We both grew up in South Africa, have travelled the region extensively and travel back to the continent on a regular basis to top up on our African Experiences, returning home to Perth until the next time we are beckoned back by the call of Africa. They say that you can take the African out of Africa, but you cannot take Africa out of an African – how true!

The word “Africa” conjures up so many varied images: an untamed continent with beautiful and vibrant people and cities, iconic sights, spectacular waterfalls and magnificent rivers, vast plains of grass as far as the eye can see sporting herds of zebras and wildebeest following the rains for food, or cheetahs sitting on outcrops of rock surveying the savannah. Visions of large herd of elephants trumpeting and communicating with each other, such large behemoths moving as silently as ghosts through the bush and of course, the magnificent king of the jungle: lions on the hunt for today’s dinner. An inland delta teaming with hippos, birds and insects, and sadly, the endangered species such as rhinos and wild dogs that so many are trying to protect.

Our small group itineraries of up to 12 people allow us to share this amazing continent with you and other like-minded travellers in an intimate way. We take you to the “must see” destinations, and share some of the hidden treasures as well. Our journeys are planned to make the most of our time away, on a relaxed and unhurried itinerary. A small group offers us the flexibility to customize each departure to suit our clients, whether their interests are photography, food and wine, culture, anthropology, wildlife or any combination of these.

The purpose of our journeys is to share the magic of Africa with you, the name Funda Journeys comes from the Zulu word “Funda”, which means to teach, or to read, and also forms the basis of our travel agency name: Travel and Cruise FUNDAmentals. Our travellers return from their journey having learnt so much, each time sharing with us a desire to go back and learn more. We challenge you to go to Africa and say “Once is enough” – it never is!

If you have a small group of friends or family who would love to visit this special place, please email Bev to learn more about a personalised escorted tour, we’d love to have you join us for the experience of a lifetime.